The Black Waterside EP

by The Black Waterside

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Well it's taken us two years to find a sound, but here we are. Our first EP is finished!


released January 9, 2014

Adam Bray - Vocals/Percussion
Dan Lucas - Guitar/Drums/Percussion
Holly Kinnear - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Joe Whalen - Bass

Recorded and Mixed by Dan Lucas @ Anchor Baby Recording Company.
Mastered by Marcus Bishop.



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The Black Waterside Kent, UK

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Track Name: Whorehouse Down On The Southeast
"Well people, I got a story to tell!!!!"

This town is broken, bloodied! All the girls in market square, wave and bat their eyelashes, turn a holy man off a prayer!

Rudy coming quick on the back seat, trade a 'monkey' for a tickle n' slap!
In a pancake room down on the South East, where you shoot the breeze and then relax.

He cut a line out on the coffee table, in precision with a mastercard, now his shakin' hands are feeling able as he's dancing in between the bars!

He was a singer in the union choir, charmed the nightingales from the trees, from the frying pan into the fire, in a whorehouse down on the South East.

Israel in the doorway, working weekends so his kids can eat. Hands together for a better day, in a whorehouse down on the South East!

Rudy wouldn't pay the tab, Israel had to break his knees. Rudy pulls a gun from a bag, in a whorehouse down on the South East!

Israel took a slug to the heart, all the girls began to scream. Sirens singing from afar, to a whorehouse down on the South East!

Little blue men search a lobby, trace a chalk line out on the floor. Wave a badge, drink a coffee, Israel dying on the floor!

Don't you come round here with your pork and your beans, when you know that I ate more lead than any man ever seen!

In a whorehouse down on the South East....